About Renate

Wholeness creates the force of life.

Some years ago, I walked inside the Nidaros Cathedral, a grand cathedral in Trondheim in the middle of Norway. The high arched ceiling, the massive stone walls, and the beautiful stained glass windows made me pause. The dimensions of this ancient stone structure are designed to make people like me fall into a state of peace. Through many centuries, the cathedral has stood, while history unfolded outside its thick walls. Amidst the stone columns, I discovered that there are two experiences of time: Outside, seconds rushed swiftly by. Inside the walls, time did not exist. All that existed was timelessness.

Outside the walls, I lived a hurried life, running more than walking. Inside the walls, I sat on the benches to rest in the light streaming from the colorful glass windows. As I sat there, I could feel life unfolding at a timeless pace. I caught glimpses of something precious, something that vanished as quickly as I had found it. The experience slipped through my fingers as I stepped out of timelessness and back into the rush!

In the years that followed, I sought out places that brought back the sense of timelessness. In those moments when I succeeded in being in stillness, I could slide into an experience of just being. Raindrops fell to the ground, grass swayed in the wind, and trees stood still in the forest. Even though I had seen raindrops, grass, and trees before, I had never seen them through the lens of timelessness. The world became completely silent, simultaneously filled to the brim with life. I could feel the raindrops on my skin, smell the grass, and see the bright green leaves on the trees come alive. It was as if I were born into life anew. All thoughts ceased to whirl, my breath calmed, and I fell completely at peace within myself.

With much practice, I brought timelessness into my everyday life. It no longer occurred in fleeting moments but wove itself in as the main ingredient in my life. Gradually, the experience of timelessness became a sense of vibrant presence within me that I hadn't known before. I suddenly understood that timelessness wasn't something external; it was a state of peace within myself. Silence became my inner center, transforming my life.

This is what I learned:

  • Wholeness

The sacred feeling I found inside the cathedral emerged because I felt whole. It's inherent in the word "holy" - whole. We live such hectic lives that we often overlook what lies just beneath our own surface. When we feel whole in the moment, a sacred sensation arises where we are one with everything. We are not just our thoughts; we also consist of emotions, sensations in our bodies, and our minds. By choosing to live through wholeness, you choose to accept life exactly as it is.

  • Balance

Our four dimensions - body, thoughts, emotions, and soul - need to be in balance for wholeness to arise. This gives rise to something we can call congruence. When we are congruent, all four dimensions move in the same direction. If we are incongruent, we diverge in all directions. Congruence occurs when we are in balance; both physically, cognitively, emotionally, and spiritually. This creates a flow, completely free from blockages.

  • Life force

The life out there and you are one and the same - not separate from each other. Life is not something outside of yourself. You and life are one. The life force is found as a living force in the moment. I call it the sense of being. You can feel your own being; your own presence as a tangible force in the body. When you are present in the moment, timelessness enters. When timelessness enters, thoughts fall away. That's when you can feel that you are truly alive.

In the years that followed, I began teaching others to discover timelessness. Through all the experiences I went through, I discovered that many people sleep through their own lives. Many complain about the world, but continue recreating the same problems year after year. But you, who are here, want something different. You are on a quest for something else because you deeply feel that there is something more in life. You want to discover what happens when you truly take yourself and your own needs seriously. The moment you start listening inward, you discover that you are something more. You have timelessness within you that opens the door to a sacred place. You have potential within you that longs to be set free.

Blockages can occur in the body, in the mind, in our emotions, and on the spiritual plane. We limit ourselves in various ways. We humans are not good at letting go. But when we enter the timeless state, we master the art of letting go. We let go of everything that is out there for a moment. By being present in the moment with our hearts, small miracles happen. Fear disappears. Restlessness evaporates. Thoughts find rest. The experience of living in flow fills us. It changes our perception of the physical world; the earth we live on.

When we learn to see ourselves in context, we open up to understanding that the whole world is interconnected. We often do the opposite: focus on details and get locked into one perspective that creates separateness. We cling to our interpretation as if it is the only truth that exists. But there is not just one perspective and one interpretation, but many. We can at any time open ourselves up to see new perspectives - and get new ideas. Instead of focusing on just one side, we lift our gaze and see that the one side belongs to a diamond with many facets. The light falls in from many angles at once, and we can see the rainbow with all its colors.

When we get stuck in our thoughts, we become trapped in the illusion they create. But when we look deeper, through all the layers that make up who we are, a deeper insight emerges. Then we open up to discover the presence in the moment; where insight comes from the heart and the gut, not just from the head. In the encounter with the present moment, here and now, we connect with a timelessness that allows us to realize that we are much bigger than our thoughts. What lies beyond the thoughts? Are you ready to find out? If you need a guide on the journey, I am here to walk the path with you.

With my heart, welcome!