The Green Breathing Room at Kyrksæterøra

Pusterommet på Kyrksæterøra

Hi, my name is Renate Lyse. I am dedicated to creating a safe space where you can take a deep breath and feel that you are grounded in your body. Values of connectedness, authenticity, and honesty are what I aim to meet you with. Together, we can explore how you can improve your well-being.

Here are some of the things I offer:

Gestalt therapy

Gestalt therapy focuses on the present moment and the entirety of your experience. In therapy, we explore how you interact with your surroundings and yourself here and now. You receive support in becoming aware of thought patterns, emotions, and bodily sensations. Gestalt means to create understanding. In therapy, we use a creative approach that emphasizes personal responsibility and increased awareness.

Natural medicine with essential oils

I am studying to become a clinical aromatherapist and I currently work as a certified oil teacher. Essential oils can be used as natural medicine and you are most welcome to a consultation where you will be helped to find out how you can use essential oils in the best possible way.



The Enneagram is a personality systems that explores nine basic personality types and how they interact with the world. It also looks at underlying motivations and development opportunities for each type. It provides insight into behaviour, thought patterns and emotions, and it can be used as a tool for personal growth and interpersonal relationships. I am training to become an Enneagram teacher and practitioner through The Narrative Enneagram in the USA - and I offer a student price for group and consultation.



Meditating creates inner peace and makes you more stable within yourself. In the breathing room, you can join a meditation group that meets to meditate together once a month. Bring your own mat and blanket.


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